Rose Vergara

August 21, 2024: 12-1pm ET Seamlessly Drive Spa Revenue with Technology: Exploring how technology can help drive revenue and collect payment

This webinar will cover how to drive revenue seamlessly by using software and integrations. Topics will include how to sell online gift cards, guarantee appointments using a credit card and collecting deposits prior to appointments to ensure revenue is actualized. Best practices on maximizing your scheduler based on guaranteed bookings.

July 10, 2024: 12-1pm ET Innovative Service Offerings: Introducing New Treatments to Attract Clients with Low-Investment, High-ROI Devices, Services & Products

Are you ready to elevate your spa offerings and attract more clients without breaking the bank? Join us for an exclusive webinar designed specifically for estheticians, spa owners, medical spas, and all spa industry professionals. This webinar features collaborations with Canadian-based companies and supports the Canadian spa industry. In this powerful session, you’ll learn how to stay ahead in the competitive spa industry by integrating cutting-edge treatments and services that promise maximum client satisfaction and impressive returns on investment.

June 26, 2024: 12-1pm ET Perfecting Protocols: A Deep Dive with Spa Industry Visionary

Join our webinar to learn how to analyze and perfect your spa protocols with beauty Veteran Celine Tadrissi (owner of Canada’s Best Day Spa Hammam Spa by Céla). In this enlightening session, Celine Tadrissi, owner of Canada’s Top Day Spa: Hammam Spa by Céla shares insights garnered from years of experience at the forefront of the spa industry. From refining treatment methodologies to optimizing client satisfaction, this webinar promises to be a game-changer for spa professionals seeking to elevate their practice.

June Featured Member – Quannessence Skincare

Unlock the potential of your aesthetic practice with Quannessence Skincare, where nature meets innovative science to bring you unparalleled beauty solutions. Founded by Sharon Quann, an aesthetician with over 33 years of expertise, our products are meticulously crafted on Prince Edward Island. Each formula blends traditional knowledge with cutting-edge science, ensuring safe, effective, and natural skincare that provides transformative results your clients will love.

April Featured Member – Riverstone Spa

Immerse yourself in a natural prairie spa experience, as you follow the gentle flow of the river stream, where modern luxury meets the soothing embrace of nature. Let the ambiance of Riverstone Spa transport you into a state of complete escape, where the worries of the outside world dissipate, and the focus shifts entirely to reconnection, relaxation and rejuvenation.

March 21, 2024: 12-1pm ET
March Town Hall with Leading Spas of Canada

Save the date for a Town Hall Meeting with Leading Spas of Canada! Join us on Thursday, March 21, 2024, where you will get to meet with the Board Members and other spa industry professionals to discuss what is important to you and your business. Come and share your questions, ideas, and suggestions on important topics and let your voice be heard! We look forward to welcoming you to a discussion of learning and growth.

March Featured Member – Rizo Radiance

Rizo Radiance is a prestige wellness company that builds the future of ingestible beauty beverages. Empowering a new generation of ready-to-drink products that are purposefully formulated to benefit your natural beauty. Our mission is to democratize skincare for everybody through drinkable beauty products formulated with purpose, backed by science.

April 8, 2024: 12-1pm ET
Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow: Proven & practical light therapy solutions for hair loss and more

Don’t miss out on opportunities to attract new male and female clients in 2024 by offering LED hair restoration services. Learn how light therapy can help benefit hair and scalp health as well as improve a variety of skin and pain conditions. This Webinar will explain how light therapy works, share protocols for success as well as discuss revenue generating Retail opportunities.

May 15, 2024: 12-1pm ET Turning Sips to Sales: Build Profitable Wellness Experiences with Drinkable Beauty

In the evolving wellness landscape, spas strive to harmonize inner and outer beauty, meeting the rising demands of wellness-conscious consumers. Insights reveal spa leaders’ challenge in crafting offerings aligned with these aspirations. The thriving spa experience hinges on seamlessly integrating inner and outer beauty for today’s wellness seekers.