Great Speakers to Inform and Inspire
When: June 12 - 14
Where: Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg

The 2022 Leading Spas of Canada Spa and Wellness Conference:  June 12 – 14 | Fort Garry Hotel | Winnipeg, MB

The Leading Spas of Canada Spa and Wellness Conference
Speaker Series

We are thrilled to present the following incredible line-up of speakers coming to us from Europe, the United States, and from across Canada.  With topics ranging from Leadership, Global Competition, Holistic Wellness, and the Intersection of Medicine and Skin Care, this year’s ASPIRE Spa & Wellness Conference Speaker Series will leave you informed, and inspired (for brief speaker bios, click on their images)

Keynote Speaker: Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Session Topic:  Leverage the Latest International Wellness Concepts and Trends:  Maximize your spa’s revenue, drive guest satisfaction, and increase employee engagement.

As more and more spas in Canada become destination spas for discerning international clientele, the need for Canadian spas to compete on the world stage has never been more important than it is today.   In this Keynote Session to the Leading Spas of Canada ASPIRE Conference, International Spa advisor, and founder of World Wellness Weekend Jean-Guy de Gabriac, presents the latest Wellness Concepts and Trends in Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere, providing key insights into how the world’s top spas are innovating to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated clientele.

Keynote Speaker: Sherina Jamal Mullani

Session Topic:  The Future of Holistic Healing in Spas to Support Recovery & Transformation

In this inspiring presentation, drawing from her own personal healing journey, Sherina will discuss a vision of Spa that supports recovery from illness and total mind/body transformation, as spas have been embarking on new, innovative ways to bring healing services to their clients.

Sherina will share her own recent healing journey publicly for the first time, to inspire a new perspective for spas to include an  integrative approach in spa services, care for clients facing life-threatening illness, and holistic products, so we as an industry can better support our clients on their journey toward recovery and  transformation.


Keynote Speaker: Katherine Asmono

Session Topic:  When You’re Understaffed and Over-Booked:  3 Surprising Lessons to Inspire Loyalty and Keep Your Staff Motivated.
Leadership isn’t easy in the best of times.  But these days when great employees are in short supply, keeping your team motivated and focused has never been more crucial.  In this insightful presentation, Eltraderm Co-Founder and CEO Katherine Asmono shares her hard-won lessons about how to attract the best talent, build high-performing teams, and inspire your highest performers to deliver results even they didn’t think was possible.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brooke Grant Jeffy

Session Topic:  Healthy Skin, Healthy Body:  Discovering Health at the Intersection of Medicine and Skin Care

Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Brooke Jeffy, and Immunocologie founder Karen Ballou discuss the relationship between health, wellness and skincare. Learn how the paradigm is changing in medicine to include holistic and wellness strategies and how advances in both medicine and skincare are evolving to support overall health.

Keynote Speaker: Karen Ballou

Session Topic:  Healthy Skin, Healthy Body:  Discovering Health at the Intersection of Medicine and Skin Care

Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Brooke Jeffy, and Immunocologie founder Karen Ballou, discuss the relationship between health, wellness and skincare. Learn how the paradigm is changing in medicine to include holistic and wellness strategies and how advances in both medicine and skincare are evolving to support overall health.

Panel Discussion hosted by Pat Perdue: The Big Shift - How Spas are Changing, and What to do to Keep up.

What is the nature of this change, and what is driving it?  Are client expectations and demographics changing as well?  How are treatments changing to match changing client needs? 

Spa Industry Leaders Kathryn Gallagher, Elena Zinchenko, Celine Tadrissi, Chris Ryall, and Karen Ballou join host Pat Perdue for an in-dept discussion on how spas are changing, and what we need to do to stay ahead of the curve, and profit from the coming opportunities.

Our Panelists

Kathryn Gallagher
Elena Zinchenko
Celine Tadrissi
Karen Ballou
Chris Ryall

Jean-Guy de Gabriac, Founder of World Wellness Weekend

Jean-Guy de Gabriac is an award winning spa advisor and educator.  His massage workshops, and client experience masterclasses draw from his own experience as the co-founder of a top massage clinic in Paris, and include best practices from some of the world’s premier destination spas.Jean-Guy is also the founder of World Wellness Weekend, currently in its 6th year, celebrated in over 130 countries and supported by 60 professional federations.   Jean-Guy also serves as Conference producer of World Spa & Wellness Convention in London, and has contributed to over 300 articles and a variety of podcasts.

His clients include Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, and iconic spas, as well as leading cosmetic brands that he helped win international innovation awards.

Sherina Jamal, Wellness Innovator and Pioneer

Sherina Jamal is the Founder/CEO of Beauty Through Balance, a skincare product line that pioneered the use of ethically harvested, nutrient rich, fully natural ingredients.  Sherina draws inspiration from both her background in science, as well as her deeply rooted traditions from India and Africa, passed down to her through generations, to develop leading edge products that remain true to the ancient wisdom of her heritage.

Katherine Asmono, Speaker, Founder of Eltraderm Skincare

With over 25 years devoted to the skin care industry, people development, and business management, Katherine co-founded and launched the Canadian-based Eltraderm Skin Care company with the vision of revolutionizing the skin care industry and taking the Eltraderm Brand beyond industry standards by delivering on product performance and optimizing professional treatments to achieve the best results.

Dr. Brooke Grant Jeffy, Board-Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Brooke Grant Jeffy is a board certified dermatologist by the American Board of Dermatology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, practicing in the Phoenix area since 2012.

Keren Ballou, Founder and CEO of Immunocologie, and Founding Partner at Lucas Brand Equity

A beauty industry leader, entrepreneur and master esthetician, Karen founded Immunocologie after battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Immunocologie is an innovative, fully natural skin health, skin care company.  Karen ethically sources ingredients for Immunocologie from around the world, empowering women by creating jobs within their communities. 

As a founding partner at LB Equity, an investment firm building emerging brands in the wellness, beauty and personal care space, Karen and LB Equity are committed to building ‘brands with a mission’ 

Pat Perdue, Brand Strategist, Podcast Host and Producer

Pat Perdue has influenced some of the world’s most recognized brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, FCB Advertising, Fashion TV, Bravo Television, and more.  Pat has launched production offices in Tokyo and Taipei, and has pitched and sold global television and movie productions in Cannes, France as an executive producer.

Pat has also launched and contributed to many podcasts. “Pat Perdue’s Customer Experience Podcast,” is among the top podcasts on Customer and Client Experience.

Kathryn Gallagher MBA, CIDESCO. Esthetician and Spa Consultant

Kathryn Gallagher brings over 30-years of combined experience in the esthetics, spa and hospitality industry.  Her background includes spa management at day spas and hotel/resort spas, professor for the Esthetics and Spa Therapies program at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada, and spa consultant for both new and existing properties in Canada and Central Europe.


Elena Zinchenko, Spa Director TenSpa, Advisor and Spa Consultant

Elena’s ability to spot trends, and fearless approach to spa innovation have influenced many spas in Canada, and makes TenSpa, as well as FaceBar, among the leading spas in Winnipeg.   Elena uses her engineering training, as well as her analytical skills to facilitate rapid change, ensuring her spas are always on the leading edge of the spa industry.

Celine Tadrissi, Spa Owner, and founder of Céla by Celine Tadrissi

Celine Tadrissi is the founder & owner of Hammam Spa, one of Toronto’s most beautiful and renowned spas since opening their first location 15 years ago.  Hamman Spa was recently awarded Canada’s Top Day Spa for 2021 by the London England based World Spa Awards.  Celine is also the founder of luxury skincare line, Céla by Celine Tadrissi.

Chris Ryall,
Spa Columnist and Authority

Chris has been a passionate advocate for spa and wellness for more than 30 years.  He has visited all types of spas from medical to Nordic spas in more than 85 countries on six continents. A Spa & Wellness Operations Management graduate, Chris believes in making spas more inclusive for both men and women and growing the wellness travel market. Chris ran a successful tourism marketing/PR company for more than 20 years with tourism related clients from Africa to South America.  His travel and spa/wellness articles have appeared in Spa Inc., Globe & Mail, Travel Life, Ensemble Travel, Toronto Star, Vacayou.com and many other publications. Chris was previously on the judging panel for SpaFinder’s annual Wellness Travel Awards and the Asia Spa Awards and since its inception, has judged the Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards. ori