July 10, 2024: 12-1pm ET Innovative Service Offerings: Introducing New Treatments to Attract Clients with Low-Investment, High-ROI Devices, Services & Products

In this powerful session, you’ll learn how to stay ahead in the competitive spa industry by integrating cutting-edge treatments and services that promise maximum client satisfaction and impressive returns on investment. Our industry experts will unveil a range of affordable, high-tech devices and products from Canadian-based collaborations that can revolutionize your service menu, boost your bottom line, and increase revenues through retail opportunities and service sales.

Why You Should Attend:

Stay Competitive: Explore the latest trends and innovations in spa technology that clients are craving.

  • Affordable Solutions: Discover low-investment devices, services, and products that offer quick and substantial returns, making it easier than ever to enhance your service offerings.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from seasoned professionals about selecting, implementing, and marketing new treatments, services, and products.
  • Client Attraction: Learn strategies to attract new clients and keep them coming back with unique and effective treatments and services.
  • Revenue Growth: Increase your revenues through enhanced service offerings and expanded retail opportunities.
  • Practical Tips: Receive actionable advice on training your staff, promoting new services, and measuring success to ensure maximum impact.

Featured Topics:

We will explore a variety of cutting-edge treatments and strategies designed to elevate your spa services and maximize your revenue. Learn how to effectively stack treatments and combine existing resources to create new offerings without additional investment. Discover all the opportunities to enhance your facial treatments with options such as LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent, Cryotherapy, Micro Channelling, Dermaplaning, Handheld Facial Tools, Oxygen Facial Devices, Hydradermabrasion, AI Camera systems, and Body Treatments.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your spa with innovative treatments and services that will set you apart from the competition. Whether you’re a spa industry professional, such as a solo esthetician, small spa owner, large medical spa operator, or wellness center manager, this webinar is tailored to provide you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s market. All collaborations featured in this webinar are Canadian-based, supporting the Canadian spa industry. 

Join us for this game-changing webinar and take the first step toward elevating your spa’s services and boosting your revenue. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!

About Támara Hughes

Támara’s journey in the beauty industry began with a spark of inspiration from her mother, an Aloette beauty consultant. From a young age, Támara was surrounded by skincare and cosmetics, fostering a deep-seated passion for the field. As a single mother raising two daughters, she impressively balanced multiple roles, including working as a beauty consultant and in a salon/spa. This experience ignited her determination to excel in the beauty industry.

Driven by her ambition, Támara relocated to Vancouver to further her education. Initially enrolling in makeup school, she quickly discovered her true calling in esthetics. Within three months, Támara was already refining her skills in a spa, and within six months, she secured a prestigious position with one of the largest professional skincare lines in the industry as an Outside Sales Representative.

This pivotal role propelled Támara to new heights, prompting her to specialize further in clinical and oncology esthetics and laser technology. Her career has since spanned various facets of the beauty industry, including education, consulting, manufacturing, and distribution of top-tier skincare, cosmetics, and spa technology companies. With the companies she has represented, Támara has achieved numerous awards in education, sales, and forecasting, demonstrating her exceptional expertise and influence.

Támara’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to own a successful medical spa, earning accolades in her community for Customer Satisfaction, Business, and Marketing and Women in Business.

Today, Támara is the Chief Formulator for Skin Deep Formulations, where she thrives on collaboration, working closely with industry professionals to push boundaries and set new standards.

With her extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, Támara brings immense value to every role she undertakes—whether as an esthetician in the treatment room, a spa owner, sales rep, product formulator, educator, or in distribution.

Támara’s journey is marked by relentless innovation, dedication, and a commitment to transforming the beauty industry, making her a true trailblazer in her field.

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