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The 2023 Leading Spas of Canada Aspire Spa & Wellness Soirée:  April 24 | Park Hyatt Hotel | Toronto

Exclusive Platinum Sponsors

Eltraderm Skin Care

Inspired by a legendary entrepreneur with a passion for skincare and helping people achieve the results they seek, Eltraderm has  over 25 years of skin care experience with professionals in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, laser, and esthetics.  The Eltraderm team understands the true nature of soluble native collagen and its fundamental role in building healthier skin.

“Improving the skin’s foundation is a pivotal step in any modern approach to skin care…and it all begins with collagen!”

Milano Software

Milano Software provides simple, effective, and high quality software solutions to help any business streamline their operations.

Milano Software empowers clients to build thriving businesses, backed with the most dynamic salon & spa software available.

Sopar International

For more than 25 years, Sopar International Inc. has provided solutions for beauty and well-being that offer the best of both worlds: where nature meets science. To satisfy your clients looking for results and care at the leading edge of cosmetology, the Sopar team has a collection of high-quality products for you. Its goal is to help you satisfy a broader range of needs, from pure and simple aesthetics to the highest performance and most refined care.


With over 20 years of experience in the spa industry, Spavaro offers everything you need to transform your business: premium spa brands, custom-made furniture, spa supplies, education, consulting, menu design, and much more. And they offer it with a depth of passion and professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else. To put it mildly, they worry about the details: every day they do everything with care. .

Exclusive Gold Sponsors

Bathorium Clean Beauty Bathing

Bathorium believes in bathing products that are free from artificial fragrances, colourants or other toxic nasties. Bathorium sources ethically, produces responsibility and believes in bathing, beautifully.


Hauser is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom furniture solutions and we provide a broad catalogue of high quality outdoor furnishings. We are recognized for high quality, reliable, sensibly priced, premium quality interior and exterior furniture that works for you. 


RIZO Radiance

Driven by our fervent passion for delicious tea, our craft blends are thoughtfully infused with marine collagen and other high performance ingredients to unlock the full potential of your natural beauty. We believe in the power of nature and advances in science, so we strive to blend the best of both worlds.


Stillwater Spa

Stillwater Spa is a space to be nurtured and inspired, where time is valued and experiences are personalized. Restorative offerings provide a canvas for guests to redefine their own luxury experience, unique and transformative. Personalized wellness is re-imagined with a collection of simple and sustainable wellness services to care for the body while calming the mind. Pure plant essences within a calming environment invite guests to embrace the stillness created within. Their range of experiences, including body rituals, facials, massages, and more, allow you to restore lost connections between mind, body and spirit.

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