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Welcome to Quannessence Skincare: Partner with Us for Exceptional Skincare

Unlock the potential of your aesthetic practice with Quannessence Skincare, where nature meets innovative science to bring you unparalleled beauty solutions. Founded by Sharon Quann, an aesthetician with over 33 years of expertise, our products are meticulously crafted on Prince Edward Island. Each formula blends traditional knowledge with cutting-edge science, ensuring safe, effective, and natural skincare that provides transformative results your clients will love. We are proudly Canadian and strive to offer a premium self-care brand with a holistic approach to skincare sourced from nature’s best.

Our Story

Quannessence emerged from Sharon’s deep love for professional holistic skincare and her unwavering devotion to her clients. From her initial studies in Europe to refining every product alongside her team, Sharon’s path showcases her dedication to crafting skincare products that truly deliver results.

“You are the reason Quannessence is here. We have created our exquisite skincare lines so that you may more fully express your unique beauty and shine more brightly in the world. May you feel as much joy using our products as we created them for you and your skin health. We hope you’ll value sharing in our culture to enjoy lifelong, deeply beautiful, healthy skin through self-care.”

With elegance, ease, grace, and harm to none,

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on offering premium, safe, and effective skincare. Our products are:

  • Safe and Healthy: Formulated with the highest safety standards.
  • Functional: Proven to deliver visible results.
  • Natural: Utilizing plant-derived ingredients.
  • Treatment-Based: Designed for professional and home use.
  • Cost-Effective: Maximizing potency and value.

We intend to enhance and protect the beauty and the harmony of the skin’s health with our know-how through sustainable innovation.

Elevate Your Practice

Quannessence Skincare offers:

  • Cutting-Edge Formulations: Combining traditional knowledge and advanced science.
  • Professional Exclusivity: High-quality, treatment-based products designed for professional use.
  • Client Satisfaction: Proven results that keep clients coming back.

Why Quannessence Stands Out

Unlike other cosmeceutical brands, Quannessence combines deep aesthetic expertise with a holistic approach. Our products are highly effective and rooted in Prince Edward Island’s natural purity, offering a unique blend of safety, efficacy, and nature.

  • We stand by our integrity
  • We believe in sustainability
  • We strive for innovation
  • We ensure harmony in our approach
  • We search for holistic beauty

Join Us

Join our community and experience deeply beautiful, healthy skin. Our products are more than skincare; they are a celebration of your unique beauty.

Partner with Quannessence to deliver superior skincare solutions and grow your business. Experience the difference our holistic approach can make in your practice.

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