Thank you.
We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You.

Aspire 2023 Wrap Up.

Dear Leading Spas,

I wanted to take a moment on behalf of the board to personally thank you for attending Aspire 2023 on April 24th. Your presence and participation helped make the event a success and we truly appreciate your support.

We are grateful for our wonderful sponsorsEltradermStillwater Spa, Park HyattBathoriumSoparMilano SoftwareSpavaroHauserStogrynRizo RadianceBabor CanadaQuintescentNaked FaceEvolve MedicalSwoon BeautyIntercosmeticsSpa IncLa Bonne Fille TeaBeauty Incubator, and Flow Hydration and the generous gift bags everyone received!

We hope you found Phiane Duquet’s demonstration of the award-winning Ancestral Oriental Facelift innovative and inspiring. For more information on the training Phiane offers, please contact her at Spa Phiane Inc.

We also hope you found Shantelle Bisson’s Keynote as informative and engaging as we did. Visit Shantelle Bisson to learn more about how to feel more joyful, tune into your inner needs, and feel inspired to chase your dreams. Whether it’s self-care for our clients, for our team or for ourselves, we are learning that it is essential to preserving our health and well-being and sustained healthy operations of our spas.

There was a big announcement via video from Laura Grazioli, Co-Founder & Director of the World Spa Organization. Leading Spas of Canada has partnered with the WSO to expand reach and provide opportunities for all our members to connect, learn and collaborate. We are aligned in our purpose to promote wellness as the engine of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability by all stakeholders committed to the highest training and professional standards established on a global level. Congratulations to Elena Zinchenko, who is now been appointed to be the Ambassador to represent Canada. 

Some great takeaways from the panel on the topic of “Navigating the Spa Industry: Overcoming Staffing Challenges and Developing Effective Compensation Strategies”. Conversation included both personal experience and global research on how to attract, engage and retain talent in your spa. Thank you to Viviana Quesada, Corporate Director of Wellness & Spa for Pearle Hotel & SpaPearle Hospitality, Elena Zinchenko, Spa Director for Ten Spa and Business Director for Glo Skin Bars, Grace Burzese, Founder of the Beauty Incubator and recent graduate from Humber College, Alexandria Petruzzelli. A big thank you to Kay Layne for jumping in at the last minute to be our moderator. You are a pro and we couldn’t have done it without you! It came with the announcement that a “Comprehensive Spa Compensation Survey” will be released this month and run across Canada. We know this will be important information for all our members to help benchmark and establish competitive and fair compensation for all spa talent. 

Congratulations to all the Canadian Spa and Wellness 2022 Award Winners! An essential part of our industry is to acknowledge and reward all those who work so hard every day to deliver the best. 

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank the Aspire 2023 Committee who worked very hard to deliver a great event. Katherine Asmono, President and CEO at Eltraderm, Susan Browne, Owner of Dovetail Communications and Spa Inc Magazine, Jennifer Harrington, Spa Manager for Hammam Spa, Sales Manager, Greg Macdonald, Owner and CEO of Bathorium and Kareena Thornhill, Medical Aesthetician. I’d also like to thank our student volunteers, Heba Almaani, Oge Okoronkwo, Aiyana Young and Xiao Zheng who helped with registration and giving out gift bags.

We received a lot of positive feedback and we’re glad you were able to take away valuable insights from the event. 

We’d love to see your photos or videos from Aspire 2023. If you’re posting them on social media, please include the hashtag #LSOCAspire2023 so we can check them out.

We hope you enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing you at our next one. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to us. [Include contact details]

Thank you again for your support.

Best regards,


Chair of the Board, Leading Spas of Canada

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