Learn about the pivotal role and transformative potential of peptides in skincare. Uncover the mechanisms by which peptides combat the signs of aging and support skin recovery. This webinar will explore the role of peptides in skin health and how they can be leveraged in your rejuvenation treatments to promote skin wellness.

With the rising trend in peptide-infused treatments and skin health solutions, understanding of the function of anti-aging peptides will help you provide effective skincare treatments and home care recommendations to your clients so they keep coming back for more.

Join Katherine Asmono – Co-Founder and CEO of the award-winning Canadian brand Eltraderm Skin Care, in this educational webinar where you learn how you can provide effective hydration treatments and elevate your treatment services to new heights.

All verified attendees will receive a complimentary Eltraderm Peptide Complex Serum for your personal trial of Eltraderm’s anti-aging peptide serum.

About Katherine Asmono

With over 25 years devoted to the skin care industry, people development, and business management, Katherine co-founded and launched the Award-winning Canadian brand Eltraderm Skin Care with the vision of revolutionizing the skin care industry and taking the Eltraderm Brand beyond industry standards by delivering on product performance and optimizing professional treatments to achieve the best results.

Katherine’s business acumen spans across continents and industries, working with small businesses to large corporations in professional development. Over the years, she has incorporated her experience from the corporate world into helping small businesses with their growth.

She continues to collaborate and work with aesthetic professionals in spas, aesthetic schools, laser clinics, dermatology and cosmetic clinics to fuel her passion for skin care and to stay focused on market trends and customer needs.

Katherine’s personal philosophy – when you love what you do, it isn’t work!


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