October 18 2023: 12-1pm ET
Hottest Skincare Trends – Owning Your Own Cosmeceutical Skincare Line

One of the fastest growing trends in skincare today are indie brands offering effective, cosmeceutical skincare. Selling products that meet the needs of result-focused consumers can grow your practice and boost profits, whether you’re selling online or solely within your practice. You can take advantage of the powerful strategies that privately branded skincare offers.  Find out how you can be up and running in as little as 4 weeks!

About Aleks Vranicic

Aleks Vranicic, VP of Sales & Technical Training at Vitelle Labs.

Aleks holds a B.A. in Business from PLNU in San Diego, C.A. and is a 3rd generation licensed Esthetician. As VP of Sales and Technical Training at Vitelle Labs, he has traveled the world over the last 20 years, visiting clients and participating in Symposiums and Industry Events where he trains top performing managers and skincare professionals on business management topics. He provides key insights into product usage, management and marketing, utilizing his extensive knowledge esthetics and business.

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