May 15, 2024: 12-1pm ET Turning Sips to Sales: Build Profitable Wellness Experiences with Drinkable Beauty

In the evolving wellness landscape, spas strive to harmonize inner and outer beauty, meeting the rising demands of wellness-conscious consumers. Insights reveal spa leaders’ challenge in crafting offerings aligned with these aspirations. The thriving spa experience hinges on seamlessly integrating inner and outer beauty for today’s wellness seekers.

Join us for a webinar featuring Jeffrey Stewart and Jason Chan, Co-Founders of Rizo Radiance, an innovative ingestible beauty company with the mission to democratize beauty, one sip at a time. During the session, Jeffrey and Jason will spotlight how Spa Directors at premier establishments in the U.S. and Canada have successfully integrated ingestible beauty beverages into their offerings, crafting distinctive wellness experiences for patrons. From sumptuous beauty treats to inventive skin-inspired cocktails, explore firsthand the unparalleled wellness encounters that not only delight customers but also present an opportunity for low-hanging fruit in sales.

Webinar attendees will gain valuable insights, including:

  • Understanding the Lucrativeness: Explore the potential of embracing ingestible beauty in spas and developing programs that align with the escalating wellness expectations of customers.
  • Learning from Leaders: Discover the strategies employed by top-performing spas in creating meticulously curated wellness experiences.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Walk away with practical insights that can guide you in developing your own successful ingestible beauty program.

Don’t miss this chance to delve into the synergy of ingestible beauty and spa success, gaining a competitive edge and enhancing your offerings in the ever-evolving wellness industry.

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