Have you thought about putting your spa data to work? It’s time to let the numbers do the talking and help you make better business decisions vs guessing.

About the Presenters:

Nicole Stanaway

Nicole joined the SpaSoft team in 2014 as a Trainer, implementing SpaSoft systems around the world in more than 10 countries. She then moved to the Sales team in 2016 and since then, has truly enjoyed supporting our SpaSoft customers from a sales and marketing perspective. Earlier this year, she has moved into the Director of Sales role to help provide even more support to our team to better serve our customers.

Sherry Cuti

Sherry has worked in the salon and spa software industry for many years as an account manager, spa director, and a sales manager, always knowing SpaSoft as a leading software provider while in those roles. Before joining the SpaSoft team at Springer-Miller, Sherry worked for a sister company within the Jonas Family.  Looking to grow herself personally and professionally, she took the opportunity to grow with the SpaSoft Sales team. She joined the team as an Account Manager in 2017 and looks forward to continuing to work with all our SpaSoft customers.

Jasmine Hurst

Jasmine joined the SpaSoft team in 2017 as a senior trainer and always motivated her team by her efforts in training, go-live support, project completion, and so much more. This past year, Jasmine has been very involved in our next generation product and has been a crucial part in training and onboarding our pilot properties. Jasmine has trained a total of 190 properties and has assisted with over 65 Go-Lives (still counting) since she joined. She is now moving into her role as a Regional Account Manager and is excited about her new role within the SpaSoft sales team.

Diana Hernandez

Diana joined the Springer-Miller team in 2018 as a Sales and Marketing Intern and has since then transitioned to SpaSoft’s Marketing Specialist. Diana has taken the lead in conferences and event planning, content creation, revamping the company’s website, enhancing the overall brand and more. With the evolution of the next generation of SpaSoft, Diana has been heavily involved in the re-branding of our product and assisting in the communication of the next generation both internally and externally.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Eltraderm.

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