Are You Ready for the Post-pandemic Flurry of Business?

Across Canada, restrictions on spas opening vary from province to province, and government guidelines are changing, frequently on a daily basis. But at some point in the foreseeable future, restrictions will be eased, and then lifted. Are we ready for the potential torrent of business, as our clients return?

Keeping in touch with our clients is more important now than it’s ever been, to ensure they call us when they’re ready to book their first COVID-19 Escape Day. No one will argue that if there has ever been a time when this country needed wellness, it is now.

And as spas will begin to open, many believe there is a “pent up” demand for the spa experience, which could lead to long wait-times for appointments, busy spa environments, and over-stressed staff. Much like the pandemic created a situation where there is too little business, the post-pandemic environment might produce a situation in which there is simply too much business. Your clients are eager for time to relax and disconnect after being COVID-confined for so long, and eager to have beauty those treatments that have long been delayed. How is your spa preparing for this sudden change in business?