Why attend this 60 minute Workshop? We’re not asking you to become an expert on cancer. We are here to support you in a movement to elevate our industry with even more inclusivity. Come away with a newly energized view and specific actual steps to help you better support your guests, friends, family and community. Projections estimate that up to 1 in 2 people globally will be diagnosed with Cancer during their lifetime. As social stewards of wellness we have a role to help people learn to explore healthy living — cancer or no cancer. 

The cancer experience is more than one stressful event, it consists of multiple stressful events. Anxiety and stress can affect the quality of life for individuals with cancer and their families. Individuals who are stressed can be helped by different kinds of emotional, physical, nutritional and social support. Each individual will cope in different ways. Everyone needs a toolbox of coping skills to use at different points of time. We all need a space to explore simple and easy ways to include more wellness and wellbeing into our lives. 

Learn with this Cancer Wellness Team
Julie Bach, GWI WFC Initiative Chair, Health Coach/Yoga Therapist, Spa Therapist and Karen Ballou, founder of Immunocologie Skincare, master esthetician, and cancer survivor.

About Karen Ballou

Karen Ballou is the Founder and CEO, of Immunocologie Skincare, a skin health brand she developed after overcoming Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer.  A master Aesthetician and Entrepreneur, she has created several educational programs and has developed hundreds of clean beauty products. Building on these integral experiences, she combined her passion for skin with her need for non-toxic products as she continued on her health journey. Karen founded Immunocologie skincare to provide people with a best in class product that nourishes the skin from the outside in through its proprietary delivery system.  

She now devotes her time to the development and message around strengthening the skin’s microbiome and the skin’s immunity through clean products that are safe and effective, creating vibrant, beautiful skin with non-toxic ingredients.

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