Do you want to create your own spa concept or get some insights on how to approach the idea? Sophia Kremser, luxury spa expert from France, will guide you with her expertise.

About Sophia Kremser

Creating a spa concept requires mastering the constraints and essentials and having a precise vision of its future evolution. This webinar will take you step by step through all the elements that need to be integrated for a successful concept.

After studying economics, Sophia Kremser went on to obtain a Higher Technician Certificate in Cosmetics and Aesthetics.

She began her career with Guerlain 30 years ago at the Guerlain Beauty Institute in Paris. Through her responsibilities, she has acquired serious skills in the field of luxury and management.

Her numerous travels and inexhaustible curiosity have allowed her to discover all the different cultures of the world. This has given her a sharp and concrete approach to the ever-changing world of wellness.

Sophia Kremser opened the first Spa Guerlain in 1998 at the luxurious Hotel The Breaker’s in Palm Beach. Since then, she has created more than 50 spa concepts for palaces, resorts and 5-star hotels around the world.

Sophia Kremser has worked with the greatest doctors, experts, and specialists to develop new protocols and rituals. From concept to delivery and from development to follow-up, she never compromises on the quality of any detail and delivers only what is tailor-made.

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