Valerie Delforge, International Expert Business coach for Spa and Salon owners, will share some insights on how to prevent burnout at work. In this webinar, learn the soft skills you must adopt as a Leader to overcome your day-to-day burnout and how to spot anyone else in your team that is going through a difficult time whilst understanding what will help them to overcome these feelings. From mindset to key tools, Valerie’s experience and knowledge will leave you empowered to look after yourself and others, keeping a strong mindset for the year ahead. 

About Valerie Delforge

Valerie Delforge is an International Business Strategist Consultant, Author, Judge and Public Speaker, assisting International Leaders in the Spa and Beauty industries to create a sustainable and profitable business. With over 30 years’ experience, Valerie inspires teams to deliver the high standards expected, and has developed an easy-to-follow strategy to create a year-on-year strategic growth with her members since setting up her consultancy nine years ago. 

Having had crucial commercial experience from Clarins, Urban Retreat, L’Occitane and her last role as the Head of Spa Operation of Steiner UK as well as her own Beauty Salon, Valerie recognises the various challenges owners and managers are facing and is able to focus their work on key strategies that are easy to implement in their business.

One of Valerie’s strengths is her fresh new approach to the industry, focusing on five key pillars of success called The Delforge 5: Budget, Leadership, Reception, Marketing and Retail. When it comes to motivating managers, owners and teams, Valerie engages the whole audience with strong mindset shifts, leaving them to become commercially aware whilst giving them the tools necessary to be successful.


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