After 30 years in the work force, with experience at many levels, including French language teaching, real estate, the food industry, and insurance, you might think Liz had achieved her every career goal.

Not so. Since 2001, her passion and commitment has been focused on making the Rosewater Spa of Oakville a world class spa experience. To achieve this, Liz has criss-crossed North America exploring design concepts, interviewing owners about their business practices, mentors in the day spa business, investigating trends and products in the industry. She has cleverly blended her insight in hospitality, wellness and attention to detail to bring a truly unique level of the spa experience to her clientele right here in Oakville.

Female entrepreneurs, CEO’S and business managers are finally throwing off formerly accepted hierarchical leadership styles in favor of those that champion connectivity, facilitate cross-pollination of ideas, and encourage individual initiative.

These women are determined to express their own unique, often eclectic skill-sets, talents and personalities. They insist on retaining their values and living balanced lives. Best of all, these female leaders love their jobs and their lives, and their employees often tend to be happier and more productive on the job. It is with this changing structure of society in mind that the Rosewater Spa derives its purpose in providing the tranquil oasis to help both women and men find balance and serenity in their daily lives.

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