When is the best time to set your intentions for the year? The answer is NOW!

We typically wait until New Year’s Day to think about our intentions, and the truth is that we can always align and realign during the year. Let’s work on setting our intentions for 2023 as we:

    • Explore our values
    • Practice mindfulness
    • Visualize our goals
    • Set action plans
    • Determine an accountability system

This webinar is all about tapping your human potential to manifest change in your life.

About Carlos Calvo Rodriguez

Join Carlos Calvo Rodriguez, a Certified Human Potential Coach, Physiotherapist, Professional Spa Trainer and the Senior Spa Director at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto in this webinar. With over 15 years of experience, Carlos is passionate about helping others become better, stronger versions of themselves. He dedicates his time, energy and passion to providing coaching and consultancy services for wellness centres. He uses an exclusive and personalized approach to support and enhance individuals’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Carlos believes that “Wellness has become a lifestyle necessity for the modern individual, from kids to elders, and I am lucky to be at the forefront of that realization.”

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