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Hello Beauty, Health and Wellness Leader! 

Did you know that after the end to poverty and hunger, the United Nations has made Good Health and Well-Being it’s #3 Sustainable Development Goal? To help achieve this goal, World Wellness Weekend has partnered with the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute.

My name is Tanya Chernova and I’m honoured to be your official World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Canada.

MY MISSION IN THIS ROLE is to unite and inspire our country’s professional service providers to empower Canadians to take better care of themselves and each other.

We need to work together be the change want to see in the world.

When the amazing founder of WWW, Jean-Guy de Gabriac asked me to take on this monumental task, I said YES because I BELIEVE!

I BELIEVE IN CANADA AND I BELIEVE IN YOU! WE are amazing ambassadors for WELLNESS. I want every passionate organization who shares the vision of a well world to be heard, seen and prospered by the people who are looking for new ways to live better, longer and increase their vibrant energy every day!

This is YOUR PROFESSIONAL PLATFORM to reach more clients with fun learning events and make an impact. Registration is ONLY open to professionals. Join over 100 countries and 2,000 Wellness Providers that enhance PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and overall well being. AND IT’S FREE TO PARTICIPATE.




  • INSTANT Visibility and Credibility on the WWW Global Geo-locator map so everyone on earth can see who you are, and how to get to your door
  • Connection to a like-minded global community of businesses and consumers
  • Inspiration for you and your team!
  • Free local and global PR
  • My support from me and my team
  • A great reason to invite your local community to come through your doors
  • The opportunity to create


The minimum requirement is just 1 FREE activity of 60 minutes. This makes it super accessible for every venue. Most properties in the past 2 years have organized 2 or 3 activities over the weekend, during the time it suits their operations the most.

This 1 FREE activity for 60 minutes can be targeted at new and existing clients in your premises (usually locals), wellness for your team, or wellness for your community (out in other venues such as parks etc).

Venues can add more free-access activities, other activities at a preferred rate, wellness packages or bounce-back offers to encourage people to come BACK for more wellness before the Holiday Season.

Share your event on social media and use the hashtags below and reach out to other wellness minded businesses in your community to join the weekend too!

See the amazing new website: WWW.WORLD-WELLNESS-WEEKEND.ORG


  1. Watch the Tutorial Video to learn how to register. Register RIGHT NOW to appear on the WWW Global Geo-locator map! You can add the specific details of your event later.
  2. GO TO https://map.world-wellness-weekend.org/my-account/new-account/ and create your profile.
  3. Share your event on your social media to let your community know you are participating in this exciting wellness revolution September 19 and 20, 2020. You can use this video to let them know you are joining a global initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ougsf-srRl8
  4. Post your Welfie and on your social media and tag us in your posts!
     5.        Send me any questions to ask@tanyachernova.com

    Know your power, live your purpose, ignite your passion and share the “WELLTH”.

    Supporting your success with joy,

    Tanya Chernova


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