Board Member Publishes Paper

Director Kathryn Gallagher is pleased to be sharing a study titled; "Quality of Work Life In The Resort Spa Industry", she completed in partnership with Dr. Mary Wisnom, Professor and Spa Management Coordinator for the School of Resort and Hospitality Management in the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University. QWL and the relationship to overall job satisfaction has received much attention over recent years, but less to the hospitality industry and very little to the spa industry. Although this particular study focused on the Resort spa industry, there are a number of areas the spa industry in general could benefit from in terms of improving recruitment and retention practices and creating a happier and healthier workforce. Resort spas surveyed provided valuable feedback on key areas of what is working and what isn't. It is our hope that this study will prompt further research to include a broader section of the spa industry to gain further insight on QWL to help all spas strengthen their competitive advantage and use it to attract and retain a quality spa workforce.


Welcome Zzeem!

The Leading Spas of Canada would like to welcome Zzeem Inc. as our new Association Management Company. Zzeem Inc. has a proven record of providing operational support for membership organizations and we are thrilled they are now running the administration for The Leading Spas of Canada. We look forward to seeing how they help drive the association into a positive and prosperous future!

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