Code of Ethics

Leading Spas of Canada members must make a formal pledge to uphold and operate their businesses according to the Spa Industry Association of Canada’s Code of Ethics. 

This Code of Ethics protects the spa, its employees, the association, and most importantly you, the consumer.

  • Each member will be guided by truth, fairness, and integrity.
  • Each member agrees to support the ongoing improvement of quality and professional spa services offered to the public.
  • Each member agrees to act in a professional and responsible manner towards clients.
  • Each member agrees to support and positively promote the actions and establishments of each active member in good standing in an unbiased and non-judgemental manner.
  • Each member agrees to express their opinions, in any form of media, honestly and accurately without making any unfounded scientific allegations relating to therapeutic results that may be false or misleading.
  • Each member agrees to stay within their own area of competence and scope of professional practice. As a customer service function and where appropriate, a member may suggest to their clients that they might seek professional assistance elsewhere relating to any condition that is beyond the scope of the professional practice of the member.
  • Each member agrees to inform their clients of all payment policies, costs, and/or fee schedules prior to billing for any services rendered or products supplied.
  • Each member pledges loyalty to the association and agrees to pursue and support its objectives.